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Social Media Lessons from Buzzfeed

Social Media Lessons from Buzzfeed


Social Media Lessons from Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed, it’s a guilty pleasure that so many of us indulge in, yet is so often criticised by the masses. But what is it that makes the blogging hub so popular, and how can you use that to boost your business and following? We’ve put together some social media lessons from Buzzfeed for you and your business!

Here’s our thoughts!

Be Relatable

The reason Buzzfeed articles are so popular and have such huge share rates is because every single one of them is relatable to the masses! They write about day to day, mundane activities that every single one of us go through; didn’t think a share-worthy article about brushing your teeth could be written? Well Buzzfeed have probably done it.

Now I’m not saying to start sharing content on your business page about clipping your toenails, but think about your business and think about how it connects with people, why people use it, that’s what you need to post about!

Be Current

Who would have thought that an article titled “Would Giraffes Wear Ties at the Top or Bottom of their Necks,” would receive 847 shares and 1400 comments, well it did. Thanks, Buzzfeed. Why did this happen? Because the article addressed a giraffe meme that was doing the rounds on Facebook, it was current.

You can do this too! Use recent news, whether that be celebrity gossip, political gaffes, or popular culture to make your content current and see your share rate grow!

Be Unique

Buzzfeed isn’t like any other news source and blogging platform out there. Well it wasn’t when it started, but now everyone wants to be it!

Being unique makes you stand out from the crowd and the thousands of other businesses on Facebook. Make your content unique and creative to get seen by more!

There you have it, three lessons you can learn from Buzzfeed to get your online presence booming!



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