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Social Media Newcastle

How can we help you with effective Social Media Marketing?

Our team at Newcastle Bottrell Media has a proven track record of success across various social media platforms, and are dedicated to helping businesses engage and increase their online presence and reach their target audience.

Newcastle Bottrell Media is a Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency in Newcastle NSW 2300

Social media marketing has become one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing in the modern world. However, it can also be challenging to master due to the abundance of self-appointed experts in the field, particularly those with little to no experience with actual campaigns.



At Newcastle Bottrell Media, we pride ourselves on our wealth of experience and knowledge. Our team has perfected just about every social media platform available, as well as the given ads that come along for the ride.

Newcastle Bottrell Media is a Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency in Newcastle NSW 2300

What are our Social Media Services?

Our social media services include strategy development, content creation, community management, and advertising. We work with a variety of clients across various industries, and tailor our approach to each client’s unique goals and audience. We ensure we stay up to date on the current trends and algorithms to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their social media efforts.

Newcastle Bottrell Media is a Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency in Newcastle NSW 2300

What can we help you with?

Our social media management plans are tailored to your business, to fit your expectations and budget.


We can help you increase your presence and engagement on social media, which will allow you to achieve your business goals through creative and effective campaigns and branding.


Additionally, we can help you grow your social media connections, ensuring that your business generates the best reach and exposure it can.

At Newcastle Bottrell Media, our team can help you increase your presence and engagement on social media and take it to the next level. We can work with you to create cost effective and efficient campaigns and branding that will help you achieve your business goals. Additionally, we can help you improve your social media connections, which will result in more reach and exposure for your business. Our social media management plans are tailored to fit your business and budget, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your social media efforts.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed on social media.

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Dozens of Targeting Options

Years of Experience

Minimal Cost Per Click

Custom Post Design


Instagram + Facebook

Social Media Advertising

Leave the task of advertising your business on your Social Media to us, so you can focus on other important matters.

Our team understands that Social Media Advertising can be hard and time-consuming. That’s why we’re here to take the burden off your shoulders and handle it for you. Our team has years of experience, and a deep understanding of the platform’s targeting options. We know how to create effective campaigns that reach and engage with your target audience, at minimal cost per click.



Our services include dozens of targeting options, custom post design, and cross-posting to Instagram and Facebook, to ensure that your message is reaching the right people in the right way. By leaving Social Media Advertising to us, you can focus on the important things and be confident that your business is getting the best value for money in terms of marketing.

Newcastle Bottrell Media is a Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency in Newcastle NSW 2300


Set & Forget.. It’s That Simple

Entrust us with the management of your social media presence, including platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

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Creating visually appealing and engaging content for your social media platforms can be a frustratingly time-consuming and tedious process. Additionally, there can be a lot of rules to follow when it comes to posting on each social media channel, and familiarity with all of them can be difficult. Posting the wrong content can affect the effectiveness of your business’s social media presence. That’s why Newcastle Bottrell Media offers a comprehensive social media management solution for your businesses. Our team can create visually appealing and engaging content for all your social media channels. Additionally, we can set up and manage any other channels that you may not currently using, which could ultimately benefit your business. With our help, creating great content for your social media has just become a whole lot easier.

Producing high-quality and engaging articles is an excellent form of marketing that can bring a significant amount of brand awareness. Whether the article is on your website as a blog post, on another website, or in print through a newspaper or magazine, the team can create compelling articles that reflect positively on your business. As part of our social media management packages, we offer the option for article creation and can even forward them to relevant bloggers or submit them as press releases. This will help you expand your reach, attract new customers and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

Peak scheduling of social media posts and content is an essential aspect of social media management and is crucial for maximising awareness, engagement and impressions. Our team understands the importance of timing and our team works to create high-quality content, whether it be through posts or articles, and then utilizes our advanced scheduling system to automatically post the content at the optimal time. This differs for each platform, and our system recognizes this and acts accordingly. This ensures that your posts and articles are seen by the most people at the right time, maximizing engagement and impressions. We don’t say “set and forget” for nothing, our system takes care of it all, so you can focus on your business.

Our team is dedicated to helping businesses grow their presence on social media. We have spent a fair amount of time hanging out on social media platforms, allowing us to learn a trick or two on how to grow your presence. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, or even a platform like LinkedIn, we have tricks of the trade that we can integrate into your day-to-day social media management. Our team will use growth hacks such as creating engaging content, increasing engagement, targeting the right audience, and more to help you increase your reach and engagement. We’re might even share a secret or two with you and give you tips on how to implement them for yourself, so you can watch your social media presence grow.

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