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Bottrell Media Video Services

With the boom of video on social media pages, and how much easier it has become to create videos with high quality on smartphones, videos are the main way we consume content online. It has never been more vital for your business to utilise video for advertising. But not all videos will fit on all your different accounts. Youtube like videos to be 10 minutes+, longer more informative videos people can sit and consume. TikTok (until recently) only allowed you to provide a video up to a minute long (now 3 minutes is maximum, but harder to retain viewers).

Knowing what platforms your businesses will use to advertise will be the first step into creating your video content. Are they going to be longer, content rich videos providing value? Maybe the goal is short videos to give spurts of information. Once we establish the platforms you are going to use, we can then strategise what content to film.

At Bottrell Media we offer a range of services, including video production from our Newcastle & East Maitland based team.

Our Showreel

Why video is so important

Video is the preferred content by viewers, whether on desktop or mobile. Pictures have their place, but video helps the audience connect with you, your team and your business. It allows you to discuss a subject in depth, or provide a way to get quick points across. Video is more engaging, provide movement and motion and can grab the attention that images cannot do.

Many people also watch videos with captions – as they watch the video without any sound. Captions on the video allow people to watch videos while in a public space or in a place they cannot (or do not want) to turn the sound up for. Captions are added in post-production, and do not have to follow what the person is saying word for word. They can be slightly modified to make better sense of the sentence or condensed so it is easier to digest for the viewer.

The Most Engaging Media


As digital marketing evolves, we continue to see trends favouring video. We understand why one-third of online activity is spent watching video. Video will continue to be at the forefront of online activity and there is no doubt that it will continue to grow over the coming years. It’s reported that businesses who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

What can we do?


Our social media and production team can help you increase your presence and engagement on social media.  We are able to carry your project from concept, pre-production through to post-production and delivery. We specialise in motion graphics, animation and live action (to camera) production. No matter how big or small the budget, we’ll have something for your needs.

If you think you or your business could benefit from video. Contact us for a FREE quote!

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