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Why The Design And Functionality Of Your Website Is Key

Why The Design And Functionality Of Your Website Is Key

Let’s talk about the two key components of a good website – good design and functionality.


The design of your site will determine whether people will stay on, and be encouraged to look further when they hit your site.


The functionality will determine how easily they can do this.


If either one fails to live up to expectations, you’ve lost your customer quicker than a duck to water.


You cannot underestimate the importance of an attractive and easy to navigate website to build your business. You need to lay out the key features of your site so they are easy to find.


Let’s take the case of the local electrician.


  • Can I determine what your business is as soon as I land on your page?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What is your call out fee?
  • Where are you located and what is your contact number to call you?


These are the key elements of your business and need to be found quickly and easily.


With website design, less is more. Aim for an uncluttered look whereby your product or service shines with a clean and simplistic design that showcases what you do best.




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