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Why Shopify is the best e-commerce platform available.

Why Shopify is the best e-commerce platform available.

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world, here I will talk about what makes Shopify so popular. There are varies reason to why Shopify is so popular and considered the best e-commerce platform available some of these are its ease of use, functional flexibility, relatively lower cost and its popularity. While Shopify does have its downsides, the benefits clearly out weight any negatives.

To start looking at why Shopify is the best e-commerce platform, we’ll discuss its ease of use. Shopify provides all the tools needed to create a good looking and functional online store without the need of any technical skills, it provides nine templates each with a few different varieties to start making your online store with. Along with these themes comes the option to purchase more themes should the included templates not fit your intended look or style. Once a theme is chosen as a basis for your store Shopify shows off its intuitive and clean customisation interface. Here is one of the very few issues Shopify currently has and that is the lack of a drag-and-drop system for customising your stores layout, this means the layout of your store is not as flexible as other platforms can provide, but this negative can be solved with Shopify apps. So, while Shopify does not have drag-and-drop customisation its interface is user-friendly and not challenging for new users to learn.

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Shopify provides some extremely useful features which can help any business to sell their products not only online but also in-person shopping. Shopify provides an in-person point of sales system that has the benefit of being synced with your online store for sales records and stock recording. This gives a business the flexibility to market their products not only through online means but also through physical sales locations, this can gives a business the flexibility to sell their products a market stalls, events or in a pop-up store, which can help market the products to a wide range of potential customers who may not have found your online store. Adding this functionality to your Shopify plan does come at a fairly high cost but the added functionality is well worth it.


While talking about the cost Shopify is considered a fairly cheap option for e-commerce platform and this can come from the options when it comes to the plan you choose for your store with prices ranging from $9 – $300 a month depending on the business and its requirements and needs. Shopify does also provide its own payment method for customer transactions which does not incur a fee that other payment options may.


Due to these factors and that Shopify has such a large user base and has been around for so long Shopify is one of the safest platforms to use as there is next to no chance of the platform being shut down and having to migrate online stores to a new platform. With these reasons it is clear why Shopify is the best e-commerce platform.


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