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Website Home Page Versus Landing Page – Which Is For You?

Website Home Page Versus Landing Page – Which Is For You?


There is a succinct difference between directing people to your website home page or a designated landing page. The first thing to do is to define what a landing page and a home page is, then we will discuss the differences.


A landing page is a page that is designed as an entry point to your website and developed to generate and convert leads.


Your homepage is the face of your website, designed to give at a glace, an indication of what your business offers.




So when you do direct your customers to your landing page or your homepage? There is a simple rule to follow to help you decide.


If you are promoting your website as a whole and want people to visit your site to get a general overview of everything you have to offer, then directing to your homepage is the way to go.


If you are running a specific promotion or event, creating a landing page to specifically encourage people to find out more about that exact promotion is the way to go.


A landing page should focus on a key promotion or activity where you are wanting your customers to take a specific action. You want to capture these active leads and convert them into an action such as purchasing a product, signing up for your enewsletter or filling out a contact form.




A landing page should above all else, be specific. Your customers should know exactly what you want them to do as soon as they land on the page. Make it as engaging and appealing as possible with great layout, headings, text and calls to action.


Next time you are developing a promotion for your business, think landing page and work on converting those leads!


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