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Using Your Network To Create Business Development Opportunities

Using Networks To Create Business Development Opportunities - Bottrell Media

Using Your Network To Create Business Development Opportunities

People buy from people. It’s an obvious observation beloved of salespeople, but it’s also why networking is such a powerful tool for creating business development opportunities.


Networking helps build relationships with other professionals, share ideas and learn from each other. By connecting and partnering with the right people, you can create meaningful business relationships – relationships that may lead to new and innovative business development opportunities.


Networking as your blueprint for success


Building a successful business network is essential. But how do you start developing these relationships with customers, suppliers and other business owners? And how does connecting with your peers help you broaden the scope of your opportunities?

Building up your network and connecting with people helps you:


Find potential customers and expand the reach of your brand


Attending trade conferences and industry workshops gets you in front of your target audience. It’s a chance to chat, find out customer pain points and understand your audience.


Meet new business partners


Networking at the right trade events also helps you meet other business owners in your sector, and in other complimentary industries. It’s an opportunity to forge new partnerships and create co-branded opportunities


Get referrals from trusted members of your network


When you have trusted relationships in your network, these people are far more likely to recommend your business to their own network. Word-of-mouth promotion is the best kind, after all.


Locate the perfect mentor


We all have something to learn from more experienced members of our network. This is a golden opportunity to seek out a mentor who can give you advice, share their experience and improve your management skills.



By taking the time to nurture your network and build relationships with the right people, you can open up a world of possibilities for your business. As a business adviser working across multiple sectors, we can introduce you to new people, connections and opportunities.

If you’re looking for an introduction to a new network, come and talk to us.


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