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Why Your Business Should Be Using Snapchat

Why Your Business Should Be Using Snapchat

If you haven’t already, go to the App Store, download Snapchat RIGHT NOW!

For a long time we have been watching Snapchat’s rise to fame. Along with Instagram, Snapchat is growing enormously, and we predict it to be one of, if not, the biggest power player in the Social Media field. Often business owners, especially small business owners, have ignored Snapchat to focus on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Probably because Snapchat initially appeared as the must have App for teens. Well those teens have grown up, and they’ll keep growing. On average, 158 million people use Snapchat per day – as if you don’t want a slice of that!


Snapchat is changing dramatically as well. Benefiting business immensely. In the past couple of weeks, they have introduced the ability to add a link to a ‘Snap’, where the ‘Snap’ receiver swipes up and is taken directly to the linked page. GAME CHANGER! The initial beauty of Snapchat is that it can be a lot more intimate than other channels – and no we don’t mean it in that way.. We mean, you can spark a conversation with anyone! And it isn’t considered spam (as long as you do it right). For instance, you can send a ‘Snap’ out of a product (with the link, driving traffic), and people who reply are clearly interested in something about your business, it is your mission to find out what, and how to capitalise.


Stories are another awesome feature of Snapchat. Here you can create a tonne of cool content, for example, a behind the scenes access to your business, Snapchat takeovers, the list goes on, get creative!

What we recommend:

  1. If you haven’t, open up a Snapchat account
  2. Push your audience from your other social media channels to Snapchat – you can encourage this by saying a free product will be given away on Snapchat every week, as an example.
  3. Add your Snapchat link, i.e. www.snapchat.com/add/bottrellgroup, to your website, email signature, etc.
  4. Begin to engage and connect. Ask your followers what they want to see in your store, ask them to name a product, ask them what their having for breakfast. Get to know these people! Note: When sending direct ‘Snaps’, we suggest to use this method 3-5 times a week, and change it up with who receives it.
  5. Utilise stories, we suggest 2-10 on a regular day, if you have an event, you can exceed. DON’T BE SPAMMY.


Before you go! Make sure you add us on Snapchat to get exclusive tips and tricks to ensure you are a Social Media Guru for your business. Plus receive behind the scenes action from our team! Add us by username @BottrellGroup, or by Snapcode by screenshotting the Snapcode (the featured image on this blog).

Bottrell Media

Bottrell Media grouped together midway through 2016, and since that time, have stamped ourselves as one of the go-to media firms! Located in 6 cities around Australia, we are ready to hang out and kick some goals.

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