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Time To Update Your Website

Time To Update Your Website

Don’t forget about that website you had made years ago, it represents your business! Here’s 4 reasons outlining why you need to update your website!

  1. The Information is Outdated
    Businesses are often in a constant state of change, we like to see them successful and growing, however, during this time your website can often get left behind. If your product or service list has changed, your team has grown or changed, or maybe you’ve moved location – it’s time to update your website!
  2. It’s looking a bit too 90’s
    I love the 90’s just as much as the next millennial, however, websites with sparkly graphics and pixelated images don’t go down too well with potential customers. Get in contact with a web developer today and bring your website into the 21st century!
  3. You can’t find your Website
    You created a website but even when you google the exact name you have to scroll through 78 pages before you find it? This is often due to bad SEO (search engine optimisation) throughout your website. Contact a developer today and make it easy for clients to find you and your website!
  4. The Quality doesn’t match your Business
    Even if your business is the best in it’s field, if your website doesn’t match then you’ll lose clients to a competitor. Your website should be a reflection of your business and vice versa.

Chat to Bottrell Business Consultants today and find how we can help your business and website!


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