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Should you start a podcast for your business?

Should you start a podcast for your business?

Should you start a podcast for your business?

Podcasting has become a very popular platform over the years, and you could be using it to your advantage! It allows a unique way to connect closely to your listeners and due to this, drive sales.


What is a podcast?

A podcast is an online audio series similar to a radio show, that can be created by anyone. Businesses can use podcasting to their advantage by posting audio files for their listeners that can be informative, educational, inspiring or just funny.


It’s a media platform that has really exploded in recent years, due to its personal nature and easy listening. Podcasts typically have episodes and seasons just like a tv or radio show, and listeners can subscribe to your show if they would like to.


How could your business benefit?

Listeners are able to connect deeply to podcasts because of the one-on-one feel and the personal touch of hearing someone’s voice. The listeners are more likely to feel closer to your business and are therefore more likely to share your message through podcast format than other marketing formats which are usually oversaturated with content.


This closeness helps to build brand trust. If a customer doesn’t know you or your business yet, there is usually no way of knowing what you will be like to work with. Podcasts are an opportunity to show who you are and open the door to new opportunities and trust.


Podcasts are often casual and unfiltered and your voice adds a human element to the business and gives listeners an authentic understanding of the personality of your business. The audio format is very good for getting your point across and can position your business as an authority.


Podcasts allow businesses to really cement themselves as an authority in their given field. This can help businesses get to their goals, whether they are to get more people to use their products/service, recommendations to their peers, invest in your business… any goal at all!


The opportunity they give to dive deeply into industry relevant issues can really establish you as an expert in your chosen field and gives you credibility with potential clients and customers.


The bottom line for podcasting is that they are the perfect platform for sharing stories and the more people are aware of you, the better it is for sales opportunities.


So how do you make one?

So how can you go about it? First, you will need to determine your niche, or an industry relevant topic that you can speak on with authority (whilst remaining engaging and a bit informal!)


Once you know what you will talk about, it is time to choose a name. The name could be clever and catchy, or clear and self-explanatory. Looking at some other podcasts could be great inspiration for name formats.


Common structures of podcasts include solo shows, co-hosted shows and interview shows. You may be speaking directly to your listeners, to your co-host or be interviewing a guest, but you can use whatever style best suits your business and subject matter.


The most important part of podcasting is the sound quality, so it is a good idea to invest in a good quality microphone. In addition to this, you will need a laptop or something to edit on, editing software and something to record on (this can be the same device as you edit on!). They make a range of different priced microphones, and you can get some that plug straight into your computer for easy file keeping.


Once you are ready to record, it is important to do so in a quiet area away from people, cars and nature noises. There are tools like GarageBand (Apple) and Audacity (PC) which are free audio editing software, but they will require a bit of learning if you have not edited audio or video before.


My bonus advice is to do a backup recording of the session on your phone or a different device, because there would be nothing worse than for something to go wrong with the original recording and you lose the whole thing – especially if it is an interview with someone else.



Happy podcasting, and let us know if you need any help or advice starting a podcast, or need an audio editing training session!

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