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3 Horribly Obvious Tips to help your Productivity

3 Horribly Obvious Tips to help your Productivity


3 Horribly Obvious Tips to help your Productivity

Here are our 3 horribly obvious tips to help boost your productivity at work! obvious tips

OBVIOUS TIPS #1 – Write list
Source: http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/01/neuroscientist-really-wants-you-to-make-lists.html

The average person can only hold about four things in their mind at a time. Arguably, right now mine is sitting at approximately thirty two. However, lists are my secret weapon of choice.

Writing every little detail and task that comes to mind on a piece of paper gives a visual and helps to see what is a priority and what isn’t; so that you can begin to plan how each can be crossed off.

It truly makes sense to stop for just five minutes to physically plan the day out. It puts you at ease, clarifies your hectic day and saves that precious time spent thinking about what to do next, so that you can just get onto it.

I find that writing these lists as soon as I sit down to work helps get my mind to focus and helps clarify ‘the steps’ I have to go through for that day, keeping me motivated through the work day!

Another benefit of writing lists is the pure levels of satisfaction that come from crossing out one of those “To Do” points. It’s so exhilarating, it inspires new levels of enthusiasm to jump straight onto the next task. So now that this first point is done, excuse me while I go and cross it off my list.

obvious tipsOBVIOUS TIPS #2 – Drink water
Source: https://thewaterway.com/water-increases-productivity/

Sometimes sitting at a desk, slugging out tasks or just trying to come up with that fantastic new idea, I get well and truly stuck. Miraculously, a simple glass of H2O magically seems to cure my mind fog and brings me straight back into focus.

Funnily enough, science backs a claim I thought was my own genius discovery. A study in London took 34 people, testing their task completing capabilities before and after drinking a glass of water, and found that those that were hydrated performed all tasks at a 14% quicker rate.

So if you haven’t got a cool glass of water sitting next to you right now, I suggest you go and get one, it’s also an excuse to get up from your desk – shhhh!

OBVIOUS TIPS #3 – The magic of music
Source: https://medium.com/@mikaelcho/listen-while-you-work-what-music-does-to-your-productivity-be3172896a0f#.dyeyiqsnj

Whether it’s tuning out that noisy work mate or the obnoxious printer, music clearly has the ability to help with the most mundane work situations. There is actually a science between why we love music and how it can help us power through our tasks.

When you listen to music, your nucleus accumbens is activated. This part of the brain, in turn, triggers the Ventral Tegmental Area to release the “feel good chemical” dopamine. So just by hearing your favourite song, or a sweet melody on the latest playlist, you’re increasing your daily quota of good vibes to get through the day.

Science also says that music is actually good for your survival. A Neuroscientist and musician, Jamshed Bharucha stated that creative expressions, such as music, have the particular ability to connect humans in a synchronised way and helps us develop an identity to better work together.

In turn, there is an endless collection of evidence and information that notes music enhances mental performance and efficiency for the average human worker, find what works for you and plug in your headphones.


Enjoy your newfound productivity with our obvious tips!


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