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Consistency is Key

Types of Social Media Marketing

Consistency is Key

The importance of brand consistency on social media.

Having social media accounts for your business is a smart move, opening you up to a whole new pool of potential customers. The best way to make sure people see and respond to your social media content and posts is to remain consistent – consistency is key.

Consistency in all areas – quantity, visuals and tone – will help build credibility, reputation and brand trust as well as make the algorithm favour your content.


Quantity of posts

Consistent quantity of posts helps your brand stay fresh in your audience’s mind as well as being favourable to the algorithm. Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm will show your content in your audience’s news feed less if you start to post less. Our advice is to create a posting schedule and stick to it, so your audience sees your message frequently and it has more chance of making an impact.


Visual consistency

Consistency is important not just in quantity of posts but in their content as well. Posts should visually match each other so viewers start to recognise your style and brand by the picture. An easy way to maintain consistency visually is to use the same filter, colour scheme or logo on every picture.


Consistent voice

In terms of wording, posts should be similar in length and tone of voice which will also help with brand recognition. Having an inconsistent voice will confuse customers, so choose a voice and stick to it. You should write for your target market, so if your target market is the elderly, your voice will be very different to a company whose target is 20 year-olds.


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