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Beginners guide – Writing content for your website

Beginners guide – Writing content for your website

So you are going DIY and writing the content for your own website but are not sure where to start…

Getting your web content right is absolutely crucial as this is where your customers are going to find you and decide within a few seconds if they are going to give you their business.

It is vital that your content satisfies the following at a minimum:


  1. It’s immediately engaging.

Do you have headlines that stand out and catch your reader’s eye? Is it obvious at a glance what it is that your business offers and who for? You have one chance to capture your customers, so ensure your site puts your business in its best light.


  1. Is your design clean and eye-catching?

Does your web design allow your images and text to really stand out and engage your reader? You want to ensure your design is clean and uncluttered so your customers can find the content they are after quickly and easily.


  1. Is your content SEO friendly?

For those not in the know this can be daunting but once you know the ins and outs you can start honing in on your content. Your content needs to explain what it is you do, who for and where. If you sell the ‘best homemade birthday cakes on the Northern Beaches’ be sure to include these key words in your content.


Take a piece of paper and write down all the keywords related to your business that people may search.  So for instance in our example above your keywords could include:

  • Kids birthday cakes
  • Northern beaches cakes
  • Cupcakes Sydney
  • Homemade cakes Sydney

Then the key is to seamlessly integrate these key phrases into your website headings and content.


  1. Call to action

Make it nice and clear what you want your customers to do – is it to call you? Fill out an enquiry form? Make a purchase? Visit you on site? Leave a call to action at the end of your content to guide your customers to where you want them to be.


Your website copy is a very important piece of your digital puzzle so if in doubt, hand it over to the experts, as if done well, it is worth the investment.

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Bottrell Media grouped together midway through 2016, and since that time, have stamped ourselves as one of the go-to media firms! Located in 6 cities around Australia, we are ready to hang out and kick some goals.

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