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Making Money from Social Media

Making Money from Social Media Services - Bottrell Media

Making Money from Social Media

In 2020 social media marketing is not just a fad – it’s a necessity for businesses and is a useful tool to connect to potential paying clients.

Social media services are free and can open businesses up to a much larger audience and potential client base; there are over 3.8 billion users of social media worldwide!


So how can you make money from social media? The key is consistency, variety and staying true to your company message and goals.


Social media’s like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn all have algorithms that favour consistency and engagement. This means that if you post regularly, and if you are receiving a lot of likes/comments/shares, they will show your post to more people.


It is important in a good social media strategy to maintain a presence across multiple platforms – most commonly Facebook and Instagram, but LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are all great business platforms as well.


More people are using social media services than ever before.

More people are using social media than ever before. Image Source: Unsplash


It is also important to tailor the post to each platform – play around and see what your audience responds to, but generally Instagram is great for photo based content, LinkedIn is great for longer posts, Twitter for shorter and Facebook for funny memes and a mix of all the above. Although all these posts are different for each platform, they can still send out the same message.


So now you know you need to post consistently… across multiple platforms… with different content for each. What now? You can also consider paid promotion, hashtags and your balance between content that makes you popular and content that is business specific.


This can all be confusing and overwhelming, so we at Bottrell Media can help you plan out a social media strategy that will best engage your target audience and result in possible client leads.


Take a look at our social media services and make an enquiry today! Call Bottrell Media on 02 4044 1966


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