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About Us

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Who Are We?

About Bottrell Media, we grouped together midway through 2016, and since that time, have stamped ourselves as one of the go-to media firms! Located in 6 cities around Australia, we are ready to hang out and kick some goals.


What can we do? We specialise in 6 core services, which branch out into numerous sub-services or packs. These core services include, Website Design & Development, Graphic Design, Social Media, Online Shops & eBay, Branding and Content Creation. We act as a one-stop-shop for businesses (and budding entrepreneurs) to get the support and assistance they need. Our entire team come from different backgrounds, some have previously ran their own business, some are at University, some are at TAFE – we have the perfect mix!


With experts in every core area, Bottrell Media can achieve your goals and targets. The bars represent our experience in each of the services. We have boosted numerous business since our launch, what are you waiting for?

Website Design & Development 0
Graphic Design 0
Social Media 0
Online Shops & eBay 0
Branding 0
Content Creation 0

Meet the Gang

Our team is a diverse group of talented individuals, who form one awesome team

Marketing Manager
Hannah Jacka

My job involves keeping the Media Division on the ball! Tapping into a bit of everything, from Branding, Advisory to IT & Web Development.

Gavin Bottrell

I get to know our client's goals, and work with my team to smash these out of the park.

Business Support
Rebecca Bottrell

I act as support for businesses, expanding into other fields, such as accounting.

Creative Specialist
Liam Scanlan

I work in E-Commerce and Website Design & Development, bringing your ideas to life.

Marketing Assistant
Matt Roffey

I work on the end-to-end processes we offer, ensuring every aspect implemented runs smoothly.

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