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Why you need SEO

Why you need SEO

Why you need SEO

Search Engine Optimisation involves improving your website so that search engines like Google rank it higher in relevant searches. Search engines have bots that search the web and put information about the pages together, which is then analysed and indexed according to a bunch of different factors. If that isn’t enough to convince you, here’s why else you need it:


It’s cost effective

SEO is free advertising – optimising your website means you don’t have to pay for your website to be ranked so highly. A few ways to achieve SEO are:

  • Properly tagging images with geotagging and alternative text
  • Filling the pages with key words that are likely to be searched for
  • Optimising your Meta information with key words
  • Making sure your site speed is fast
  • Making sure your site is well rounded with content and pages.

The best thing about all these methods are they’re free! We all know by now that internet users barely go past the first page of Google, so it’s important to be on it. Google Ads are a fast-tracked way to get to the top, but they do cost money. SEO achieves a similar result for no cost, however will take longer than buying an ad.

Your competitors are already doing it

If you are not implementing SEO but your competitors are (which they probably are!), they will get all the search-based customers.

When your site is optimised to the algorithm, your site will potentially be ranked higher than your competitors. This means increased brand awareness and you will be more likely to get intentional leads.

Having a strategically optimised website is the perfect opportunity to rank yourself up against the industry leaders and even cement yourself as one of them.

Quality, intentional traffic

One of the best things about SEO is it pulls quality traffic to your website. Quality traffic means customers who are already searching for your business and likely have intention to buy. This type of website visitor is far more likely to result in a sale than one who was shown your business as an ad while they were doing something else.

Every moment that your website isn’t properly optimised, you’re losing money because when people are searching with intent for your product, they can’t see you!

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