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Timeliness in Marketing

Timeliness in Marketing

In marketing, it is important to be timely and reach the right customers at exactly the right time to increase the likelihood of them engaging with your brand or making a purchase. The smartest and most successful marketers ensure they are timely and relevant when targeting their audience. The marketing landscape is so competitive that businesses rarely get a second chance, so it is important to target correctly the first time.


To be timely and relevant, marketers need to know their customers and their needs, not just in relation to their product or service but in relation to their life as a whole. If you can provide relevant information about things that affect your target market, it will create a sense of familiarity, likeness, and brand trust which will translate into better sales. Timely responses to external events from their relevant environment can be very effective for building engagement.



For example, if you are a fashion brand, you might post a blog about red-carpet fashion at the Grammy’s as it is something your target market will be interested in. It is important to post this in a timely manner, such as by the end of the night while engagement is at its highest. Posting three days later would not be effective as the event has long passed and other blogs will have already covered the content. Keeping on top of relevant events and experiences in your target customer’s world will create a strong connection.


In addition to posting timely content that is relevant to your customer’s broader life, timely marketing is also important when customers are purchasing items. Marketers can use data that shows when their target market is shopping for something specific and target their ads for a similar product to them straight away. If this isn’t done in a timely manner, the customer will have likely already purchased the item or decided against it. Timely and relevant ads or messaging is vital for grabbing attention for purchase and for strengthening customer relationships.


It is important to tell your customers about the things that are happening now and are relevant to them to build engagement and trust, which will result in sales!


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