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Public Relations

What can Public Relations do for you?

Public Relations is all about your ‘image’. How you and your business look online is important when it comes to attracting new customers or clients. Think about it, how many times have you seen an ad for a business and once you’ve clicked on the ad you think “hang on, I really don’t like the look of these guys”. It’s not just all about getting your name out there, but putting a positive and welcoming face to that name.

PR aims at managing your reputation, this can often be done by generating positive media coverage. As well as creating a welcoming environment to new clients, it is important you keep a positive relationship with your current clients as well as employees and shareholders in your business.

While marketing is important, we also have to consider the fact that you can’t rely solely on great marketing. As they say, a business without relationships is a poor business. Public Relations can be seen as a long term investment in that it may not reap the immediate rewards of some marketing campaigns but instead will focus more on creating a trusted and welcoming view of your business that will in-turn see you achieve much more success down the road.

The team at Bottrell Media can help you throughout this process and ensure that everything is going as smoothly as possible. If you are looking to improve your overall image or are starting up a new business, it’s never too early or too late to start thinking about how PR assistance could help give your business that boost you’ve been looking for.

What We Offer

Social Face-lift

We will review your social media accounts and pin-point areas or specific things you could improve or change to get the most out of your page. Not completely reconstructing the way you do things, just filing out a few imperfections you may have not noticed before.

Community Management

We can help make sure you have the best response rate towards your community as possible. Keeping up to date with DM's and comments on social media to get your name out there as someone who interacts with their community.