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With onsite graphic designers in our Newcastle and East Maitland locations, we can provide numerous design services to you! Whether you are after a completely new logo, or just a face-lift, if you are after new business cards, or social media posts, we can cater for you. Send us your brief and get a no obligation quote!

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Give understanding to your potential consumers through your business logo. Regardless of your industry or your overall concept, we can deliver a logo that you’ll love.

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What Logo is Right for Your Business?

Believe it or not, there is a lot to consider when coming up with your logo. Below is the most common types of logo’s that we find our clients choose. If you have any other questions, give us a yell!


Lettermark Logo Examples

Lettermarks focus on the initials rather than the full name of the company. For example, rather than using Bottrell Media, a lettermark would be represented through BM.
When should I use them: They work extremely well for companies with subsidiaries within them or if your company name is too long. Additionally, they work best for companies that have their brand identity already established.


Wordmarks are the most popular type of logo. It says it as it is. Often custom typeface and typography is used.
When should I use them: If your company name describes what you do, wordmarks are perfect. They are a good way to build brand identity.

Wordmark Logo Examples


Iconic Logo Examples

Brandmarks is a symbol that identifies or highlights your business or your product/service. They can be difficult to get right, a well-known example is Apple and Nike.
When should I use them: If you require an emblem for your product. Brandmarks are also good if your company name is not easily translated.


Iconic is a mix of brandmark and wordmark. So as you would have guessed, it has both benefits from the two. We find these highly effective, and some of the most ‘iconic’ brands in the world use them.
When should I use them: Iconics work great for startups and small businesses, who have a distinctive brand but are not widely recognised yet.

Brandmark Logo Example
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