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Retail and Social Media

Retail and Social Media

Did you know that 90% of shoppers are turning to social media to help make decisions on their purchases? While this can be intimidating information to some it can also be used to drive your sales! We’ve provided some tips below to help you profit from this retail and social media boom!

  1. First things first, GET ONLINE!

If your retail business isn’t online you’re missing out on customer traffic in astronomical numbers, like I said above, 90% of shoppers are using social media to contact retail businesses and to help make decisions regarding their spending.

Facebook is a must; it allows for constant two-way communication and gets your business seen! Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are great too, however, don’t drown yourself in too many unmanageable social media accounts, start with Facebook, organise your time and go from there.


When people visit your social media, they want to see what you’re selling and how it matches up against your competitors. Make sure you’re regularly posting images of your products, and make sure these images are good quality and represent the pristine reputation and quality of your business!

If you have an extensive, large catalogue of products you needn’t detail and post each item, however, make sure your online presence at least gives an outline of your product range with a focus on some of the more popular products.


Know who it is you’re selling to and tailor your social media content to them! For example, if you run a shop that sells dog food and dog toys there isn’t much point in trying to build a following of cat lovers on your social media. Make sure your content is carefully curated to your audience, ensuring you get those sales!


Now that you’re online and posting great content, it’s time to engage with your audience. Engagement can be simply replying to comments on your page, asking questions of your audience, and running competitions. The more you interact with your online following the more followers you will have.

However, don’t just respond to the positive stuff, always quickly respond to any negative feedback that may be posted on your social media pages.


You’re probably wondering what the point of having an online audience is, especially when you want and need people to physically walk into your store to make those sales! Converting your online audience into customers and sales is probably one of the easiest steps!

Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to get those customers through the door is a discount! Post deals that are “exclusive” to your Facebook followers and watch the customers spill into your doors!

Another option is to occasionally describe a specific product as being “limited” when posting online about it, if people like what they see and know that there is a limited amount they’ll be visiting your store as soon as they possibly can!

There you have it, 5 tips to help you navigate retail and social media![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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