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Google Ads

By leveraging PPC, also known as pay-per-click, on Google’s search engine, you have the power to showcase banners and ads to a targeted audience, thereby accelerating conversions. Google Ads is akin to shifting from a leisurely jog to a full-on sprint towards the finish line – it delivers swift and effective results.

Google AdWords: Your Express Lane to Page One!

How to make a good Google ad

Targeted Traffic: A vital aspect of running a Google ad is ensuring that it reaches your ideal customer. This includes their location, age, and interests, also known as demographics.


Customer-Centric Timing: Moreover, the ad can be scheduled to appear during a specific time frame when your ideal customer is most likely to be online, for example, 8pm to 9pm on a Thursday evening AEST.


Ad Relevance: Does your ad’s keywords align with the searches? Does the ad accurately represent what your website offers? It’s not uncommon for a user to click on an ad and land on a website that doesn’t provide the product or service they’re looking for. It’s also common for users to not be directed to the exact location on your website where the search term is found. This can lead to frustrated users who quickly leave the site and move on to another. Most of our shopping campaigns are run in conjunction with an SEO strategy to ensure optimal results.


At Bottrell Media, we ensure that all crucial elements for a successful ad are met, turning your client’s clicks into conversions!

Our Offerings:

The Google Ads Edge Our team, certified in Google Ads, brings a wealth of experience in establishing, optimizing, and overseeing Ads campaigns. We create Ads for a diverse range of businesses providing goods and/or services to their clientele.

Google Partners Campaign Duration:

We operate your Ad for a minimum span of 8 weeks. This can be extended following a review of the accumulated data. 

Data Analysis:

The Bottrell Media team conducts a thorough examination of the number of times the Ad was viewed versus the number of times it was clicked on, and the rationale behind this. We then fine-tune the key elements of the Ad as needed to enhance its effectiveness.

Adaptability of Ads:

Ads can be deactivated after the 8-week campaign and reactivated weeks or months later to give your business a Google boost. Ads can be run in conjunction with an SEO campaign to amplify your business’s online presence.


We understand that all businesses have overheads and running costs! Bottrell Media collaborates with your business to devise a budget plan so you’re aware of your monthly Digital Marketing services expenditure, helping you avoid any unpleasant surprises.