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Colours, Psychology and Marketing

Colours, Psychology and Marketing


It might seem juvenile, but colours can have a massive effect on how well your brand and products perform. Picking the right colours, shades and gradients can be the difference between a customer buying your product instead of a competitor’s – it comes down to psychology.

We’ve provided a list of some common colours and their meanings below, pick the ones that match your brand!

Yellow – HAPPINESS! Yellow is the happiest colour the spectrum has to offer. Think of the iconic smiley face!

Red – PASSION! Whether it is anger or excitement, red generates intense, passionate feelings!

Orange – CAUTION! There’s a reason construction equipment and tape is orange.

Green – PEACE! Nature, peacefulness and relaxation.

Blue – TRUST! Often used by the big companies, blue creates a feeling of trust and strength.

Purple – CREATIVITY! Not used by many, purple is often seen as creative and full of wisdom.

When it comes to branding your company, and creating a new logo don’t forget the importance of colours in marketing!

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