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Benefits of video in your social media mix

Benefits of video in your social media mix

Benefits of video in your social media mix


The use of video has exploded on social media. The use of video to engage customers has moved from being one that only a few tried. To the most mainstream form of content sharing out there. So What are the benefits of video in your social media mix?


With the introduction of new elements such as Facebook Live, people now can watch videos and comment in real time giving even greater connection than ever before.

Hubspot has some fantastic video statistics demonstrating the huge impact video has on social media engagement. The most notable being:


  • 90% of users say video is useful in the decision-making process – with this sort of statistice, who wouldn’t want to assist your customers to purchase?
  • 80% of users recall a video they have viewed n the past 30 days. This one if huge! With the millions of marketing messages flying around us, customer recall is vital for ongoing purchase loyalty.
  • And lastly, 92% of people share videos with others – hence increasing your brand awareness and customer reach.


These three statistics of using video in your social media mix are more then enough reason to get familiar and confident with the platform – so start filming!

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