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7 Tips on how to Grow Engagement on LinkedIn


7 Tips on how to Grow Engagement on LinkedIn

With LinkedIn increasing in popularity in 2017, it is important for individuals to utilise the platform to its full potential. Additionally, LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a more ‘social’ platform, surpassing its original purpose as a sort of resume platform. Now professionals from all over the world are connecting, collaborating, and influencing. From the change, a few individuals have come out on top in terms of engagement – we have studied how they have done it and compiled a list of 7 tips that can help you become a LinkedIn superstar!

  1. Authentic: Be authentic. Most people can tell when you’re blowing smoke up your own butt.
  2. Magnetic: Your profile needs to attract attention. Utilise keywords available when choosing things like your headline.
  3. Aspirational: When posting, talk about your goals and where you want to be.
  4. Relevant: Make sure your content is both relevant and current. You need to speak to the people you are looking to influence, on their level.
  5. Compelling: Give your audience a reason to not only connect with you, but actively follow your posts.
  6. Validated: When others speak on your behalf (such as testimonials), you become much more credible.
  7. Well-Proofed: Nothing can destroy a profile like a typo.
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